Typical Applications of Fluxgate Current Sensor – Renewable Energies

As the use of power electronics is a must to drive and control energy from renewable sources in the most energy-efficient way.

Modern systems require precise coordination between the power semiconductors, the system controller, the mechanics and the

feedback sensors. Current sensors provide the necessary information from the load to fulfill that function.

Solar Power System

In terms of solar power systems, Luksens’ newest fluxgate current sensor can be perfectly applied on solar inverters, because of its fast response < 1.0μs over a large bandwidth 300kHz, high flexibility, overall stable characteristics (under various temperatures, humidity and voltage), compact size and high insulation. These advantages are suited for high-performance inverters for new energy integrating a good control of the DC current injection in the grid.

Solutions for Solar Inverters

Except for the LF series introduced in this and previous articles, we have many other series. We also can do customization according to special requirements. Therefore, Luksens can provide different high-quality solutions for all kinds of solar inverters, such as central inverters, string inverters and micro-inverters.

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