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LUKSENS, a sensors manufacturer with 20 years of experience, manufactures high-quality pressure sensors, current sensors, temperature sensors, air quality sensors and wire harnesses. We are mainly providing our services to commercial and industrial clients, such as HVAC, renewable energies, motion control, power supplies, automotive battery management and welding sector etc..

LUKSENS manufacturing method supports the most cutting-edge technology which can meet the demanding requirements of modern applications. At LUKSENS, we produce all of the sensors with advanced, top level manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, we offers a variety of options for sensors customization.

In addition, our production staff continuously expands their expertise by special training courses. Regular audits, statistical process controls and self-assessments, which also help us to achieve excellent quality standards.

Moreover, LUKSENS is a vertically integrated company, which enables us to be more effectively controlled, communicate and work in tandem with our supply chain. That is to say, we are able to lower both our production costs and the price of our products.