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LUKSENS focus on design and manufacturer of high quality cleaning and automation solution for industrial and commercial application. We commitment to innovation, continuousimprovement of products and services to exceed customers expectation.

We served industry, transporation, energy and commercial appliance worldwide customers. Our R&D and manufacturing fully supports leading edge technologies for the future’s highdemand applications.

We actively promote a strong corporate culture of respect and ethical integrity. We learn your application, listen to your requirement, leverage mature technology, customize andoptimize product or solution, to meet your functional or performance request. Our target is to simplify that tough process, improve your efficiency, build up firm business cooperation, grow with you.

Powerful Brand

LUKSENS trusted powerful brands stand for innovation, outstanding quality and user desirability. We strategically invests in leading brands, focusing the core values in order tobuild trusted customer loyalty. Brand loyalty is a cornerstone for sustainable growth and increased profitability. We highly regard and respect our brands and all of the end-users who invest their confidence in them. Our exceptional brands are the foundation for current and future growth and serve as the compass for all of our activities.

Innovation Products

Inspiration, Insight and Dedication is the spirit of innovation. Innovation is the key to expanding market size and growing market share. LUKSENS is a new product machine! Our“Innovation Centres” teeming with talented engineers and product managers who are focused on new product development. We, fuel our brands with a continuous stream of innovative, value-added, demonstrably better new products. We believe in continually challenging accepted standards. Finding new solutions. Exploiting, adapting and improving new technologies to create better products for higher-value brands.

Exceptional People

We believe in talent; we invest in it, nurture it and promote it. We believe Exceptional People drive exceptional results. LUKSENS’ management is a powerful blend of technical talent and driving leadership, of case-hardened experience and outstanding potential. Our people must have more than ability – they need the passion to be leaders in our field and the drive to win, excellence attracts Exceptional People.

Operational Excellence

It is LUKSENS’ obsession to improve quality, offset inflation, lower costs, improve our business processes, and establish targets and metrics for key deliverables. It is a non-negotiable condition to gain and maintain productivity and obtain higher yields. LUKSENS leverages its resources as a global operator to achieve scalability and optimize the deployment of our resources. We strive continuously to drive excellence in Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply Chain operations that feed into all areas of our business, to the benefit of every one of our stakeholders.