Windmill inverter

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In windmill inverter applications, sensors are taking power generation to new heights. By monitoring wind speed,sensors enable optimal utilization of wind turbines. This real-time information allows for intelligent adjustments to capture the maximum amount of energy from these renewable sources. Additionally, sensors play a vital role in converting DC power into AC power, ensuring seamless integration with existing power grids, which can be used to power homes and businesses.


•Enhancing Grid Stability:

It helps to balance the generation and consumption of electricity, preventing grid instability and power outages

•Monitoring and Optimization:

By measuring the current output of wind turbines, or other renewable energy sources, these sensors enable operators to assess their performance.  

•Energy Consumption Monitoring

Current sensors also find applications in monitoring energy consumption in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.  By measuring the current flow in different circuits, these sensors provide valuable insights into energy usage patterns. 


Product for Windmill inverter

Y06-500/1000/2000 Series

  • Accurately measures AC, DC and pulse currents
  • Fast response <1μs
  • High immunity from external interference
  • Excellent current overload capacity
  • Very low offset drift


K09/K12 Series

  • Design for wide current range measurement
  • High immunity from external interference 
  • High ESD sensitivity (Human Body Model) 8kV