LF01 06,15,25,50A Fluxgate

The LF01 Series fluxgate current sensor incorporates dynamic fluxgate detection technology. Its design is simple and practical, with the ability to inhibit high-temperature drift. Fluxgate technology makes use of the phenomenon of magnetic core saturation to modulate the measured magnetic field, transforming it into an electric field and thus, completing the magnetic field measurement process.



  • Accurately measures AC, DC and pulse currents
  • Superior temperature stability and linearity
  • Rapid response; minimal noise output
  • High immunity from external interference
  • Nearly zero offset voltage
  • High ESD sensitivity (Human Body Model) 4kV

Suitable for the following:

  • Solar inverters
  • Servo motor drives
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Battery management system
  • Welding applications

LF01 Series-Datasheet-Luksens