P02 Series Pressure Sensor

The P02 series pressure sensor for almost all industries applications that provide reliable pressure even in extreme environments measurement results.

The pressure sensor combines the latest Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Oil-Filled piezoresistive technology, provides flexible output signals, absolute or relative (gauge) versions with measurement ranges from 0–1 to 0–100 bar. A wide variety of pressure and electrical connections are available.




  • Working temperature range -40°C – 105°C
  • Compatible for nearly all aggressive media
  • Impact and vibration resistance
  • Temperature compensated
  • High vibration stability, high durability
  • Optional protection for load dump transient
  • high voltage up to 400V


Suitable for the following:

  • Industrial air compressors
  • Water supply and drainage systems
  • Mechanical and plant engineering

P02 Series-Datasheet-Luksens