ME25-4S Air Quality Sensor Module

The ME25-4S integrates a combination of precision sensors to collect data regarding temperature, humidity, fine particulate matter (“PM 2.5”), formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (“VOC’s”)  in real time. The sensor module uses an advanced self-learning calibration algorithm, a particle swarm optimization algorithm and a VOC-C02 equivalent algorithm. These algorithms produce a digital signal, without any need for calibration by the user. This enables the sensor to gather data relating to air quality not only frequently, but promptly. Our sensor module can be effortlessly integrated into your product to accurately and reliably monitor air quality in real time.




  • Integrated with multiple sensors
  • Calibration by users not required
  • Nuanced sensitivity
  • Minor drift with repeated use

Suitable for the following:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Smart home appliances
  • Indoor air purifiers
  • Car air purifiers
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Atmospheric air quality detection

ME25-4S 5-In-1 Air Quality Sensor-Datasheet-Luksens